Either as a start into the day, in between or as an evening round – every runner has his own habits. And endurance. We’ve picked out a few favourites for each limit.

A little run in the morning sun – or a small workout in the evening. Our ‘Wake Up’ jogging route is to awaken you for the day ahead or the perfect way to start the evening.

A short detour to the city, along ‘Lichtentaler Allee’. Lined with gorgeous mature trees, it’s the perfect route for a quick freshness kick.

Not just green, a small detour into the forest and back through the city. This is a medium difficulty run, good basic physical condition is required.

There is no better description. For those with no time for a scenic and healthy sightseeing tour there is much to see! Including the Lichtental Monastery and on the way back, follow the Oos River past Casino and Trinkhalle.

A difficult run, very good physical condition is required. Make your way up Battert rock to the Old Castle. This route requires good coordination and sturdy running shoes.

Run boy run

Whether a quick kick or a scenic workout, our super sporty host team will assist you with some more routes.

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